Zhengkai Jiang

I am currently a Researcher at Tencent Youtu Lab.

Before, I obtained the master's degree at 2020 from National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I received the bachelor's degree at 2017 from the Department of Automation, Northeastern University with honors.

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My research interests are in computer vision and deep learning, especially on

  • Object Detection
  • Video Understanding
  • Image to Image Translation
  • Model Compression and Acceleration
  • News

    • [09/2020] Two papers to appear in NeurIPS'2020.
    • [07/2020] One paper to appear in ECCV'2020.
    • [03/2019] One paper to appear in CVPR'2019.
    • [11/2018] One paper to appear in AAAI'2019.


    • AutoAssign: Differentiable Label Assignment for Dense Object Detection
      Benjin Zhu, Jianfeng Wang, Zhengkai Jiang, Fuhang Zong, Songtao Liu, Zeming Li, Jian Sun

    • Fine-Grained Dynamic Head for Object Detection
      Lin Song, Yanwei Li, Zhengkai Jiang, Zeming Li, Hongbin Sun, Jian Sun, Nanning Zheng
      NeurIPS, 2020

    • Rethinking Learnable Tree Filter for Generic Feature Transform
      Lin Song, Yanwei Li, Zhengkai Jiang, Zeming Li, Xiangyu Zhang, Hongbin Sun, Jian Sun, Nanning Zheng
      NeurIPS, 2020

    • Learning Where to Focus for Efficient Video Object Detection
      Zhengkai Jiang, Yu Liu, Ceyuan Yang, Jihao Liu, Peng Gao, Qian Zhang, Shiming Xiang, Chunhong Pan
      ECCV, 2020
      Paper, Code

    • Class-balanced Grouping and Sampling for Point Cloud 3D Object Detection
      Benjin Zhu, Zhengkai Jiang, Xiangxin Zhou, Zeming Li, Gang Yu
      Arxiv, 2019 (NuScenes Winner)
      Paper, Code

    • Dynamic Fusion with Intra and Inter-Modality Attention Flow for Visual Question Answering
      Peng Gao, Zhengkai Jiang, Haoxuan You, Pan Lu, Steven CH Hoi, Xiaogang Wang, Hongsheng Li
      CVPR, 2019 (Oral)

    • Video Object Detection with Locally-Weightd Deformable Neighboors
      Zhengkai Jiang, Peng Gao, Chaoxu Guo, Qian Zhang, Shiming Xiang, and Chunhong Pan
      AAAI, 2019

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    • Reviewer: AAAI 2021, CVPR 2021.